Lubbock is home to Texas Tech, and that means Friday Night Lights. Oh yes, Texas is a big football state, so it’s only fitting that we introduce the first restaurant on this list as Red Zone Cafe, right? We’re going to take a look at that cafe and three more top picks. Here are four Lubbock TX restaurants you don’t want to miss.

Red Zone Cafe is located at 3602 Slide Road, and I can already tell you based on the pictures that it’s a great place to get a burger and fries. According to reviews, this cafe is all about comfort foods, and it’s a spot where the locals like to hang out. Breakfast and lunch seem to be the name of the game at this eatery. The western omelet is another one of the favorites according to the menu highlights.

Of course another popular place to grab breakfast in the city is the Lubbock Breakfast House. The name says it all, doesn’t it? Are you picturing Texas size pancakes? Lubbock Breakfast House is located at 7006 University Avenue, which puts it right over by Texas Tech. Pancakes are certainly on the menu, and according to reviews, breakfast is a meal you can have all day long there.

The burgers at Aspen Creek Grill look absolutely amazing. I was intrigued to say the least when looking at the pictures. The location for this dining establishment is 3012 West Loop 289. And fried cheesecake is on the dessert menu! Not only can you order up burgers for entrees, but they have white fish, shrimp, kebabs, steak salads, Hawaiian chicken and so much more. And the catfish dinner is also a menu favorite.

When in Lubbock, barbecue is also a great choice. Chopped and Sliced BBQ is one of the picks available to you. The location is 3501 50th Street, and peach cobbler and pork rinds are two menu favorites. Peach cobbler is a mainstay at barbecue restaurants in Texas. This restaurant also serves up pecan cobbler. Black pepper sausage, fried okra and chopped brisket sandwiches are also menu highlights.

Enjoy these four Lubbock TX restaurants with your family. Is it barbecue time? If it is, you”ve got a great pick waiting for you. There are three other wonderful choices, too, and you should be eating well here shortly. I know you’re hungry, so it’s time to head towards the spot that looks the best to you.